syndelar (syndelar) wrote,

Year in review

It's been a strange year and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as the ones before it.

I've been to Sweden twice, one of them for iin2lalaland's wedding, something that I never expected and it was amazing. I learned how to skate and ski, went to my first hockey game.
I've also met some awesome people, both online and in real life.
I tried to be better at talking to people and posting on Livejournal. I mostly failed but there was some improvement.
I wrote more. I didn't post a lot, but there are a lot of words in my WIP folder that will be posted this year. This is the most I've written in years and that maker me stupidly happy.
I've gotten better at talking to moyelf though, letting myself feel things and trying to understand them and go from there. It led to a lot of crying and anger but it helped and being numb for years didn't help much, so I'm trying this now.
I lost my cat, Ari, and that broke me, but he was a happy cat and had a really good life and left behind a daughter that gives me much joy and comfort.
I read some awesome books, too.
Lynn Flewelling: Stalking darkness, Traitor's moon and Shadow's return
Alexandra Horowitz: Inside of a dog
David Mitchell: Claoud Atlas
Leon Lederman: The god particle
Eliot Pattison: The skull mantra
Dava Sobel: Longitude
Andy Weir: The Martian

My hopes and plans for 2016.

That I finally find a job and move away from my mom becuase that's not a healthy environment for me.
I failed at this last year but...go visit all the doctors that I have to. I haven't been taking care of my body and that needs to be fixed.
I'll post more, at least once a week, even when nothing exciting happens (which is most of the time) ^_^
Also, commenting on othe people's posts. I've been somewhat better at it this year, but I want to talk to people, meet new people instead of being a recluse and a stalker all the time.
Change my username. I've been thinking about this for months but haven't settled on anything that I'm going to be happy with for years to come. I've had this username for years and I've never felt fully comfortable with it so I guess it's time to change it.
Write. I want to write something thats over 10000 words long becuae I've never done that before, but any kind of regular witing would be fantastic. I miss the simple joy of writing without overthinking it.

Happy new year everyone, I hope It'll be a great one. ^_^
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