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I have nothing against Africa, really, nothing personal, but screw you and your damn heat wave.

It's 40C today and has been over 35C for a week now, and shows no real sign of stopping. I know the Mediterranean is supposed to be hot, but this is just ridiculous. I don't have an AC and I have my marvel_bang story to write, job interviews to go to and I really need to be alive to do so.

Please stop.

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So, in an effort to reconnect with people I am trying to post a bit more.

There's something different in my head lately, I can't explain if it's the summer or whatever, but I don't feel that big pressure that's stoping me from doing anything. It's still hard to get myself going sometimes, but I've been writing more, I've been motivated to do a lot of things that used to make it difficult to get through the day. I'm waiting for August for my doctor to come from vacation and then I'm planning on having a long conversation with her about the state of my body, which is better than it was but not good enough and the state of my mind, which is more important.

I don't feel as lost and disconnected as I did only a couple months earlier, like everything was numb and...not pointless but not worth getting excited about. Since then I've found a new joy in the smallest of things, my cats (and all the cats that I run into when I'm walking outside), a good book (though rarely a novel because fanfictiion ruined me for everything else), cooking, writing.

This weekend I went for a first swim of the summer, though defintely not the last because there's a new African heat wave coming starting tomorrow and it's gonna hit us in the south first. I cooked pasta with cheese entirely from leftovers and I was really pleased with how it turned out when it took me only 5 minutes to get it done. I made some pancakes.

I wrote about 2500 words over the weekend, though not all of them for the story that I should be writing the most, which is my marvel_bang story, but any writing is good. I did get stuck on the marvel story, something completely insignificant that made me doubt everything about it, the plot, the writing, if I'll actually be able to finish it in time. I even thought about abandoning it and starting up something new and simpler, but I want to do this, want to write something long and complicated that will make me feel like I accomplished something even if no one will read it because I love the story I came up with. I don't want to abandon it and feel like a faliure. Again. When I came to that conclusion I actually figured out how to get past the snag I hit and now I'm writing it again.

Also, I am staying clear of tumblr lately, because communication there is difficult and extremely annoying. So I just go and reblog and watch the pretty. ^_^

The new additions to the family are a freaking joy. I have a boy and a girl, and he (the grey one on the pics) appears to be a longhair and they are a delight. She's gonna be trouble because at two weeks old she's already running around and wreaking havoc.
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Hello everybody!

It's been a while, again, but life has been hectic. I have worked for a couople of months as a bartender on one of the islands, then they were shut down by the tax office for not paying the neccessary additions for employees. Now I'm back home, collecting papers for the financial aid again, hoping things go a bit more smoothly this time. I have had some job interviews, sent a lot of applications but we'll see. This is the most activity when it xomes to finding a job in the last few years.

On a happier note, my cat had kittens! There's two of them and we're keeping them both, cause I can't resist and don't want to give these away. I'd post some photos, but I'm having some trouble with my  phone's USB cable.

On the writing side of things, I have signed up for marvel_bang, and it's going swimmingly. I've been having some trouble writting lately, mostly because of the freaking heatwave we've been having, but it should let up in a couple of days so I can get back to it. I have a three page outline and am already a coupe thousand words in and I'm not even done with the first meeting. ^_^ I'm a bit freaked out by the scale of the story I'm writing, a Sam/Bucky hooker story, that's dealing with PTSD because they're both veterans, but I have it all planned.
I've faced the problem of finding a beta (if anyone's interested, I'd be grateful as hell), in which I found someone, but then she stopped answering her e-mails.
But I'm so excited about this story, put so much time and thought in it like I haven't in years. It's strange, the way my brain didn't let me relax and think about the things I needed to relax. I was feeling numb most of the time because real life sucks most of the time and writing is mostly not a good enough getaway from it.

I got my hc_bingo card and it's got me really excited and I am writing a few stories for that too, Inception and some original and MCU and it feels real, real good.

FIC: The only bed worth sleeping's the one right next to you (Sam/Steve)

Title: The only bed worth sleeping's the one right next to you
Fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers
Word Count: 3492 words
Summary: “Okay, that's enough. Bed,” Sam says and it's a testament to just how tense Steve is that he jumps, surprised into looking away from the TV and at Sam, before simply getting up and doing as he's told. “And clothes off.”
Notes: written for Sam/Steve Exchange 2015 on tumblr

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